Hands away from secular art!

Does the church have the right to interfere in secular art, as the CPSU once did it?

I wear a cross, Catholic, bought in Spain, in the shop of Santiago de component, and there is also a consecrated. My grandmother was from the Valahs, baptized me into my faith, from childhood telling what happened in the sky and what on earth. I go to church infrequently, but I know “our Father” firmly and almost every day I pronounce these words. After all, they are New Testaments, which means that general. There is no insolence in this confession today, this is a common place. This is where the problem begins. Under the Soviet regime, Credo would be a frank attack against the opinions and foundations of the majority, a risk for a career, but today – no, quite the other way around. Loyalty report.

Today is the biggest insolence – to say “I do not believe”, it is almost indecent, condemned and can even “have consequences”. I’m serious. Although the existence of God has not yet been proven, to believe – the imperative of time. In the same way as in the times of total atheism the

imperative was not to believe under any circumstances. That is, fluctuations here reflect only the spirit of time: to live with God easier, calmer, and thank God, sorry for the pun. A society where they believe is nicer to me more atheistic.

But there is “but”. Me (a person reading a prayer) is being the attempt of the church on secular art, which I (a worldly person) need life for life. Hands away from art, I would like to tell the churchmen with their own heat and noble anger, as I once wanted to say the same notorious “glory of the CPSU”. Then they will not like the performance, then the song, then the turnover of speech. There is a thing to everything, you can’t hide from a strict way!

Secular art with its idea of not subject to either the church or the bossy court, but only to the human one, often understanding the freedom of creativity as complete chaos, and often, on the contrary, inflated to those heaven, it is necessary for us as blood. Which carries oxygen, information from one organ to another, codes of community, kinship or, on the contrary, incompatibility, sometimes illness, virus, in the fight against which we became viable. No need to filter our blood, you do not need to grab the hedgehog mittens by the tongue, the brush, poke them in musical harmony. We want to experience everything, to digest without any sterility in order to understand what the stomach hurts from, and from which it sings. In art, disgusting acquires the attractiveness of the forbidden fetus, as soon as someone swings at it;stinging worse than a wasp if someone seeks to slam it with a newspaper. Is it not for that ugly to detect your obviousness, to cause aversion to yourself? We need both a pimple and a wart on the face of contemporary art. To evaluate beauty.

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