7 signs of a narcissus woman

With the word “Narcissus”, we most often represent a man. We score in the search for the phrase “How to recognize the daffodil on the first date” and “How to get away from the Narcissus”. And we forget that a woman can be – her mother, girlfriend, boss. And it can no less destructively affect our life.

Unimaginable ego and complacency – we attribute these features to people with a narcissistic personality disorder. These character properties are inherent in both women and men. Of course, there are studies that men are more likely to be subject to this mental disorder. Are representatives of the stronger sex really more often become daffodils, or are women just better know how to hide their unpleasant features, trying to extract maximum benefits from those qualities that help them achieve the goal? And by what signs can be recognized as a narcissus?

1. She brings any conversation to her person

Talk normally. We all sometimes tell stories from our life, illustrate the situation with examples of the situation. But a narcissus woman in any conversation will switch attention to herself, her feelings and experiences. Ask yourself when the last time she asked something about you and your life. If the answer is “never” or “yesterday, but in a minute she began to talk about herself again”, most likely, in front of you are Narcissus.

2. She constantly cancel your joint plans

If you have a girlfriend who is pathologically not able to adhere to agreements, it is likely that this is a sign of narcissism. She can even pass forgiveness with a passage, but all her actions show that she does not care how much her cancellation of plans influenced your life. She will not ask how you spent the evening, which before that were going to spend with her. She is only interested in her freedom to do what she wants when I want and with whom I want, regardless of the reactions of other people.

3. She is furious with the word “no”

This is one of the simplest ways. The next

Si vous n’êtes pas trop boueux, alors très agréable au toucher à la peau la plus fine entre vos doigts, et s’ils touchent la langue là-bas, les sentiments peuvent ouvrir la nouvelle page de votre sensualité. medicament erection pharmacie gros, des jambes de soins prudents, des crèmes fraîches et des poudres, des bains et des massages – tout cela peut être considéré comme des manifestations de foottish, surtout si elle donne du plaisir et non une routine ennuyeuse.

time she asks you for something, say no and look at the reaction. You may not even refuse immediately, but say that you need time to think. Narcissus hate such situations – they literally feel that the other person thus acquires a certain power over their life. They are not able to transfer this – the eyes are filled with rage and they will try to convince you to give an answer right now. And, of course, this should be a positive answer. If you manage to refuse the request, most likely you will turn into an enemy-until the moment he does not need something from you again.

4. She flirts with those who she don’t like

Flirting – a cheerful and carefree process. But for the daffodil, this is not entertainment and not a manifestation of sympathy – this is a means by which it achieves its. Such a woman often directs her sexual energy to men, which she does not like at all, but may be useful. These personalities are sure that there is no one in the world better than them and no one can resist their charm.

5. She is of low opinion about others

Such a woman is convinced that the social pyramid stands at the top, whatever her situation is, and all other people do not know before her level. This becomes noticeable when she speaks of other people, their achievements and lifestyle.

Is there a woman in your environment, who calls everyone around “idiots” and harshly criticizes the behavior and moral appearance of her friends (and especially girlfriends)? A woman who constantly questions the intellectual level of other people, but never doubts her own rightness? This is the classical behavior of Narcissus. We all sometimes unfold about the actions of our friends, but at the same time we do not consider them stupid and worthless people. And, unlike such people, we can recognize our own mistakes. This leads to the next point.

6. She never pleads her guilt

Late for the meeting, she will not ask for this forgiveness. She will tell you in colors that traffic jams, taxi drivers or your confusing explanations about where she needed to go to go. In the worldview of such a person there is no option in which he may be the cause of some problem or error, another person or force majeure circumstances will always be to blame.

7. She constantly makes a selfie

We do all this from time to time or even more often than. But if in the phone of a woman or Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia) all photos are devoted exclusively by different angles of her face or other parts of the body, this is most likely to indicate narcissism. You will not see her photos of family, friends, children, pets or a beautiful evening sky. If you see, then they will all be a background for her person.

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